American Railcar Industries (ARI)

American Railcar Industries (ARI) history goes back to 1864 with the formation of  Milton Car Works, and after 129 years American railcar industries was born and its headquarter located in St Charles, Mo.

Today ARI, a publicly held corporation, is a fully integrated supplier to the North American freight car market. ARI designs and manufactures new railcars, railcar parts, operates a network of railcar repair centers. We supply rail fleet management and engineering services to shippers, equipment leasing companies and railroads, Its industrial products group provides industry with a variety of services including steel and aluminum castings, heavy steel fabrication, roll forming, production machining, specialty welding and forging.

ARC and ARI successfully won the first contract in Saudi Arabia to provide Saudi railway Company (SAR) with 240 wagons, with delivery start in late 2013. ARC and ARI are working jointly to penetrate the Saudi market and within the GCC taking into account the massive demand for freight cars and wagons due to the increasing demands for fast, reliable means of transportation across the country.

More information about ARI can be found in their website