Erla Technologies

Erla Technologies is a french company was founded in 1991 and specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of technical equipment for the storage, distribution and management of petroleum products as well as biofuel and Adblue.

In its plant in the Vosges region in France, Erla Technologies manufactures a wide range of products for professionnal use. Erla Technologies has perfected an innovative range of mobile service-stations, dispensers, and application programs and automats. Erla Technologies also offers the E.Pack software which has specially been designed for vehicle fleets.

Flexibility and inventiveness are two of Erla Technologies outstanding qualities. Multifunctionality of products allows specific solutions but demands also an advanced knowledge. Erla Technologies masters the computerized development which allows it to plan and realize complete installations that are immediatly operational.


Currently Erla is responsible for the fuel systems installation at the new Nayriyah Workshop for SAR North-South Network. ARC and Erla looking to increase the usage of ERLA fuel technology systems a the wider applications within the transportation industry.

ARC has exclusive representation rights for Erlal Technologies in Saudi Arabia.

More information about Erla can be found in their website